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August 6, 2015 - Online Auction
Michael Wegener Implement & Cornlea Iron Auctions | Cornlea, NE 68642
Date(s) :  7/17/2015 - 8/6/2015
Bidding Open
Online-Only Auction
The bidding will open July 21st, and the first lot will close at 10 am CST August 6th.
Bidding is open and the first lot will close on this line up of farm and construction equipment at 10 am Thursday, August 6th. Please contact the office at 888-923-0511 if you have any questions.
Bidding Notice:  *A red triangle by the bid price indicates the items reserve price has not been met. *A blue cirlcle with a check mark indicates reserve has been met and the item will sell to the highest bidder. *Items without a symbol do not have a reserve.
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