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September 3, 2015 - Online Equipment Auction
Michael Wegener Implement & Cornlea Iron Auctions | Cornlea, NE 68642
Date(s) :  8/18/2015 - 9/3/2015
Bidding Open
Online-Only Auction
Bidding will open on August 18th and the first lot will close at 10 am CST, Thursday, September 3rd. Lots close 1 each minute unless there is a bid in the last 2 min of an item which will extend that items bidding time for 2 minutes from last bid.
A great line up of consigned equipment. Check each item for owner and location information. To list your equipment contact the office at 888-923-0511.
Bidding Notice:  *A red triangle by the bid price indicates the items reserve price has not been met. *A blue cirlcle with a check mark indicates reserve has been met and the item will sell to the highest bidder. *Items without a symbol do not have a reserve.
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